Improved Source Capture Solution Delivers Clean Air and High Efficiency

CMAXX System 2 with Arms
Customer Overview:

Air Solutions recently provided a custom solution for the manufacturer of high-quality pipe products and services for the mechanical, plumbing, industrial, oil/gas, alternative energy, and fire protection industries in the Mid-South. The customer’s comprehensive line of products includes pipe couplings, plain-end fittings, valves, cast and malleable iron fittings, forged steel fittings, pipe hangers and hardware, channel and strut fittings, mining and oil field fittings, and more.


This manufacturer needed to replace air system equipment that was outdated, difficult to service, and incapable of providing adequate filtration of the air stream being discharged to atmosphere. They also did not have effective hoods and adequate air flow to capture the weld fume being generated, which meant that there were indoor air quality issues in the work space that also needed to be addressed.


Air Solutions designed a new system employing new clamp-together, quick-fit type duct, an existing downdraft table hood, as well as three new Diversitech weld fume extraction arms. These new extraction arms enable effective source capture of the weld fume, while providing the welders with a high degree of flexibility in positioning of the capture hoods. This flexibility is crucial as it helps to keep the generated fumes out of the breathing zone of the welders. A light was also incorporated into the hoods on the arms to maximize visibility.

Upon determination of the air volume required for the new system, a CMAXX collector from Imperial Systems was selected to meet the air system requirements. An Imperial Systems spark trap was also included to reduce the risk of an ignition source reaching the dust collector.


The new system developed by Air Solutions now provides this customer with a healthier work environment, as well as excellent air flow to capture, convey, and filter the weld fume generated. The system also provides the filtration efficiency to ensure that a clean air stream is released to the atmosphere. Weld fume extraction is achieved, the air quality of the work space is improved within the plant, and the discharge air stream provides a cleaner environment outside of the plant. The customer reports that the system is operating reliably with minimal maintenance and lower operating costs.

CMAXX collector from Imperial Systems
CMAXX Inlet Adapter
Control Panel
Diversitech Arms
Imperial Systems Spark Trap