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Air Solutions Offers Aerovent Fiberglass Fans for Corrosive Application Needs

Many of today’s manufacturing environments involve harsh environments and corrosive conditions. These types of conditions can severely compromise the performance and service life of equipment, including fans. To serve our customers who have these types of application needs, we offer a complete line of Aerovent fiberglass fans that are designed to deliver maximum corrosion resistance. […]

Fiberglass Fans Meet Corrosive Challenges

When a process or application involves corrosive chemicals, high humidity, or wet conditions, a fiberglass fan can be an excellent choice to meet the challenge. Fiberglass fans deliver dependable performance in the most punishing environments. Fiberglass is a lightweight, plastic material, which is reinforced with glass fiber. Characteristics such as strength and flexibility make fiberglass […]

Is a Fiberglass Fan Right for Your Process?

Depending on your application needs and challenges, a fiberglass fan is likely to be a great choice for your process, due to its many advantageous characteristics. When specifying fans for replacements or new installations, factors to consider include performance, service life, and long term efficiency. Along with these considerations, the project budget must be maintained, […]