Is a Fiberglass Fan Right for Your Process?

BFC Fiberglass FanDepending on your application needs and challenges, a fiberglass fan is likely to be a great choice for your process, due to its many advantageous characteristics. When specifying fans for replacements or new installations, factors to consider include performance, service life, and long term efficiency. Along with these considerations, the project budget must be maintained, so price is also a deciding factor. Fiberglass is a fan material that is suitable for a broad range of applications, with characteristics that meet many application challenges.

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a type of plastic material that is reinforced with glass fiber. Though it is a lightweight material, its high-strength and flexibility make it ideal for molding into a broad range of components. Fiberglass offers the benefit of weather-resistance and a variety of surface options.

When are fiberglass fans a good choice?

If your process involves fume elimination in a corrosive environment,  fiberglass fans could be your ideal solution. Fiberglass fans are able to withstand and deliver high performance in applications that involve challenges such as high humidity, wet conditions, or corrosive chemicals.

How does fiberglass compare to stainless steel?

Fiberglass fans are a cost-efficient alternative to stainless steel fans, in terms of lower initial product cost, and long-term performance cost savings. Fiberglass fans typically provide better performance than special alloys in handling air streams that are especially corrosive to metals. Unlike coated steel fans, fiberglass fans provide corrosion resistance throughout the construction. Coatings risk the high possibility of a pin-hole fault occurring during application or damage associated with handling, which allows the corrosive forces to attack the base material.

Does fiberglass meet spark resistance requirements?

Fiberglass offers  electrical insulation and dissipation properties, making fiberglass fans suitable for applications in which corrosion resistance and spark resistance are required, as well as spark resistant applications that do not require corrosion resistance.

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