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Virtual Tour Connects Buyers with Imperial Systems

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Imperial Systems to offer its dependable line of dust collectors, filters, and accessories. We have worked with the Imperial systems team to develop many successful applications to improve indoor air quality and enhance safety. The line includes: CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector Shadow Compact Fume Extractor BRF Baghouse […]

Innovative New Air-Port Welding Hood

Imperial Systems Air-Port Eliminates Weaknesses of Standard Designs Welding hoods play an important role in controlling hazardous welding fumes in the work environment. While the traditional design of welding hood products has not varied significantly over time, the Air-Port, a new welding hood design developed by Imperial Systems, has brought a unique set of patent-pending […]

Arkansas To Receive Over $1.4 Million from EPA to Support Environmental Programs

According to a recent report, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be providing the state of Arkansas $1,410,226 to support environmental programs. The funds will be awarded in three separate grants for protecting and improving water bodies, implementing air-pollution control programs, and enforcing drinking water standards. The funding is great news for Arkansas residents […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Flextech Industries

Expansion joints and dampers are essential building components in the design of effective air handling systems. We partner with Flextech Industries for a wide range of quality, dependable dampers and expansion joints for a variety of industrial applications. Flextech offers a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, reliable louver dampers. These louver dampers are engineered to provide […]

When Indoor Air Quality Suffers In Industrial Environments, So Does Productivity

Owners and managers of today’s industrial facilities are more focused on environmental issues than ever before. Steps are being taken to improve energy efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, which is environmentally responsible but also awards cost-saving advantages to the business. While a focus on these areas is important, the topic of indoor air quality is […]

Aerovent Joins the Air Solutions Product Line

Air Solutions Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Aerovent to our line of quality industrial air movement products. A leading manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers, Aerovent is known for quick adaptation to meet fan industry needs. Years of innovative research and engineering experience has made Aerovent the preferred manufacturer for the most […]