Innovative New Air-Port Welding Hood

AirPort LogoImperial Systems Air-Port Eliminates Weaknesses of Standard Designs

AirPort Fume Exhaust HoodWelding hoods play an important role in controlling hazardous welding fumes in the work environment. While the traditional design of welding hood products has not varied significantly over time, the Air-Port, a new welding hood design developed by Imperial Systems, has brought a unique set of patent-pending benefits to set a new standard.

 Problems with Conventional Welding Hood Designs

 Traditional welding hoods need modifications once they arrive at your shop and often have 10 or more weeks of lead time.  It is common for standard welding hoods to be both difficult and time-consuming to install.

 Innovative Advantages of the Air-Port Welding Hood:

     Air-Port welding hood arrives ready to use and can be installed in less than 1 hour

     Ductwork is built right into its two compact low‑footprint legs

     Optional built-in spark traps provide – an industry first in welding hood safety

     Adjustable built-in dampers allow easy balance of airflow to meet project needs

     Unique concave shape captures more smoke and fumes than other designs

AirPort Fume Exhaust Hood

The Air-Port arrives on a pallet and can be efficiently installed by two people in less than an hour. Ductwork built into the cross beams connects to ductwork, so there are no holes to cut. Air-Port welding hoods can be lined up in a modular arrangement for a clean, streamlined shop.

AirPort Fume Exhaust HoodThe two-legged design allows for plenty of space for movement around the welding station.  The hood will not prevent people from getting where they need to be.

Applications that will benefit from the Air-Port welding hood include:

  • Weld Cells
  • Robotic Welding
  • Cutting Tables
  • Trade Schools
  • And More

Ready to experience the advantages of a better welding hood design? Contact Air Solutions today to learn more about the Air-Port.