Manufacturer Spotlight: Flextech Industries

Expansion joints and dampers are essential building components in the design of effective air handling systems. We partner with Flextech Industries for a wide range of quality, dependable dampers and expansion joints for a variety of industrial applications.

Flextech offers a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, reliable louver dampers. These louver dampers are engineered to provide safe isolation and control of airflow in critical applications serving industries such as power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical and chemical, steel, transportation, marine, and OEM markets.

Flextech develops louver dampers in both single and double louver configurations. All louver dampers are engineered for heavy-duty use and can be specified to include an airfoil or box-style blade profile.

As a damper design and fabrication specialist, Flextech a variety of damper lines in addition to louver dampers. Butterfly dampers are available for round ducting applications in which low leakage, flow control, or a combination of the two are required. Guillotine dampers are offered for applications in which isolation is critical and services conditions can be extreme. Inlet Vane dampers are available for modulating the flow/pressure relationship of a blower from the inlet side.

Flextech design advantages include:

  • Quick response and fast operating
  • Accurate and repeatable flow control in all applications
  • Variety of seal options
  • Standard or adjustable linkages
  • Outboard bearings
  • Individual packing glands for minimal to zero shaft leakage

Air Solutions Inc. is proud to represent Flextech Industries as part of our line of quality industrial air movement products. A broad range of Air Solutions customers are experiencing the benefits of Flextech industrial dampers and expansion joints in their facilities.

In addition to offering you the advantages of quality engineered products like Flextech louver dampers and expansion joints, Air Solutions gives you the advantage of our proven experience in developing industrial air systems, backed by complete expert support services. Our team is dedicated to providing the industry’s best products and services available as well as:

  • Product specialization
  • On-time deliveries
  • Strict quality assurance
  • Experienced local support
  • Live telephone support
  • Ongoing service
  • Quick ship programs on many products

Air Solutions is always ready to assist you in finding the best solutions for your application needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.