A Mist Collection System Designed for Overseas Travel

A Fortune 500 company approached Air Solutions for a packaged solution to an oil mist emissions problem. The customer had prior experience with United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) SMOG-HOG electrostatic precipitation (ESP) equipment, but wanted a system that was skid mounted and offered dual mist collection units and a bypass feature that could be operated by way of remote system controls. This packaged equipment also had to be prepared for international shipment, so after fabrication, it had to fit within a 40-foot shipping container with appropriate wrapping, blocking, and bracing.

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A Compact Air Quality Control System

The two UAS smog-hog electrostatic precipitators were mounted side-by-side on the fabricated skid along with an industrial fan. The centrifugal fan was a radial blade exhauster, Model RBE, as manufactured by Cincinnati Fan. A bypass connection was also provided at the inlet of the fan to allow for air to be pulled from the process bypassing both smog-hogs. Isolation dampers were provided at the inlet and outlet of both mist collection devices and another butterfly damper was provided in the bypass line. The dampers allowed for either of the ESPs to be isolated during service. These flow control dampers from United Enertech were arranged for full open or full shut off and were to be controlled remotely so that air could flow through one of the two mist collectors or directed through the bypass.

The system fan was mounted on spring-type vibration isolators and an opposed blade discharge damper was provided for flow adjustment. Flexible inlet and outlet connections were provided on the fan. In order to reduce noise transmission from the fan, the flex connectors were acoustical type for sound attenuation and provided by dB Noise Reduction. An additional support stand was provided over the fan discharge to independently support the ducting above the fan outlet.

All components were preassembled on a heavy duty fabricated skid and prewired to electrical enclosures mounted to that skid. The enclosures included appropriate labels and terminal strips for field wiring. This preassembled package insured system integrity and greatly reduced field installation time for the customer.

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