Remember the Dust Hog?

Those familiar with the industry know the name Dust Hog, as it relates to dust collection. The United Air Specialists’ Dust-Hog Supra-Pulse was a very widely used line of innovative dust collectors. Though the product line has been discontinued, the Dust Hog name lives on, and dust collection systems have become even more highly evolved.

the dust hogDust collectors have been used for decades as an effective means for separating dust and other harmful particulate substances from smoke discharged from processes such as waste incineration and steel manufacturing. Dust collectors have evolved along with the varying industries they have been used in throughout the 18th century. A variety of dust collection methods have emerged, including filtration dust collectors, gravitational dust collectors, diaphragm-operated dust collectors, as well as electrostatic precipitators, and more. Since the mid-1980’s, filter dust collection has been the dust collection method of choice for most applications, due to the highly efficient separation and removal capabilities for dioxins, which are included in exhaust gases.

The Dust Hog Supra-Pulse cartridge dust collector introduced unprecedented levels of collection efficiency for a wide range of processes and environments, with application-specific cartridge filters. The Dust Hog design offered a highly cost effective and easy-to-maintain system with complete capabilities.

Today, UAS offers a new generation of cartridge dust collectors in the SFC Series. This high-performance, energy-efficient system  effectively removes dust, fumes, and smoke from a multitude of industrial processes. Patented pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity, and easy maintenance have made this system an industry leader and best-seller.

Proven Features & Benefits of the Dust Hog Supra-Pulse & SFC Series:

  • Downward Airflow Design
  • Application-Specific Cartridge Filters
  • Horizontal Filter Design
  • Quick and Easy Maintenance
  • ISO 9001 Certification

New Innovations & Advantages offered by the SFC Series:

  • Optimized Cartridge Cleaning System – springless pulse valves and patented nozzles / venturi offer maximized cleaning power
  • ProTura Nanofiber Filtration Technology – featuring a special ultra-thin “web-like” layer to trap dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media

As updated iteration of the Dust Hog, the SFC Series lives up to the name and UAS tradition of excellence in dust collection.