Are Environmental Dusts Putting Your Employees and Facility at Risk?

Workplace dust is an environmental  threat that poses a serious health risk to all who are exposed to it. That is why many health and environmental regulations for manufacturing and processing operations require adequate dust control.

When people inhale airborne dust at work, continual exposure puts them at risk of occupational disease. In addition to endangering your workforce, environmental dust can damage or shorten the service life of your equipment, or be the catalyst for fire or explosion.  Dust in the workplace may also contaminate or degrade the quality of your products.

SFChr(2)Industries that are especially prone to workplace dust include: iron and steel mills, mines, power plants, coal terminals, quarries, grain terminals, painting booths and more. Dust control systems provide an effective and efficient solution for environmental dust issues. Two widely used dust control options include cartridge dust collectors and wet dust collectors.

Cartridge Dust Collection

Types of dust collected by cartridge systems include wood dust, composites, dry powder, chemical dust, sand, plastic, fiberglass, metals, high-static particulate, blasting media, and smoke.

Advantages of cartridge control systems include large capacity, long filter life, low maintenance, high-efficiency performance, variety in size and shape, and energy savings.

Processes that benefit from the use of cartridge collectors include grinding, sanding, welding or soldering, metal fabrication, powder coating, metalizing, cutting, chemical and  food processing, plasma arc cutting, printing, and mixing.

Wet Dust Collection

Types of dust collected by wet dust collectors include combustible dusts such as aluminum, alkali metals, magnesium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, or mixed metals.

Advantages of wet dust collectors include OSHA and NFPA compliance, energy savings through recirculation of air, low maintenance, and lower noise levels.

Processes that benefit from wet dust collection include machining, grinding, buffing, polishing on metals or metal alloys, combustible dust, and operations that create significant sparks.

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