Industrial Smoke Ventilation: A Case Study

Even in the industrial workplace it’s obvious that smoke of any kind is an issue. It lowers the air quality of the area and causes discomfort for all employees who work in the facility. Here at Air Solutions we were recently approached by a manufacturer who was experiencing these same smoke problems in their facility. The manufacturer makes panels which are created by combining layers of materials that go into a heated mold within a press. The pressure from the press and the high heat results in smoke rising from the machine and spreading throughout their facility.

To address their needs we met with the manufacturer and worked closely with them on their requirements and more to make sure we solved the problem for years to come. We first identified how the problem was being created and the flow of smoke. We the provided them hood designs, duct layouts, and the static pressure calculations allowing for fans to be selected. All these designs led to involved discussions and plans to help guide the manufacturer to a better understanding of airflow and proper design. Here is a walk through of our design and some real photos of the solution in action

Once everything was designed and planned we then worked with the manufacturer to install the complete system in their facility. Working closely with their employees to make sure the system was understood by all involved we reviewed all the components and functions. Our final system contained…

  • A pressurized plenum design with a slotted hood on the front of the press
    • This was used to accommodate the limited space around the press
  • A canopy style hood combined with flexible curtains on the back of the press
  • A KB Duct flexible duct system to provide a channel for the smoke to follow
  • A No-Loss Discharge Stack
  • Two Cincinnati Fan industrial fans to create proper airflow and movement for the smoke

With all the systems in place the smoke problems have now been resolved and the Air Solutions team accomplished what it does best. Solve Problems.
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