Air Solutions announces association with BS&B Safety Systems

Air Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce our association with BS&B Safety Systems. BS&B is well known for its safety systems and has been in the industry for over 80 years. We are now supplying their top of the line explosion protection equipment to our customers helping to create safer work environments in the Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee areas.

BS&B supplies a broad range of dust explosion prevention and protection technology. Offering unique products, they help their end users in their quest for compliance with OSHA, NFPA, and ATEX requirements. Air Solutions, with BS&B products, is now able to help solve more compliance issues for their clients with any existing or new application.

BS&B Safety Systems

BS&B products come with the following industrial explosion protection capabilities.

  • Equipment protection by
    • Explosion venting direct to atmosphere
    • Ducted explosion venting
    • Flameless explosion venting
    • Suppression
    • Chemical isolation
    • Mechanical isolation
  • Dust testing for combustion characteristics
  • Combustible dust facility audits
  • Inspection of prevention and protection systems

To learn more about BS&B explosion protection technology, call or contact us today. You can also review our explosion protection page on the site. Remember, Air Solutions is always ready to find the best solutions for your problems and needs.