Air Solutions announces representation of dB Noise Reduction, Inc.

Since 1998, Air Solutions, Inc. has offered sound attenuation solutions for problems associated with industrial noise. We have addressed applications for our customers with products from various manufacturers. It is now a pleasure to announce our representation of dB Noise Reduction, Inc.

dB Noise Reduction focuses on the best, cost effective noise control solution for every application. Every application is unique and they apply standard and customized products to meet the unique requirements of every project.

They offer the following silencers and noise control products, flexible connections, and other accessories:

dB Noise Reduction
  • Fan Silencers
  • Industrial Silencers
  • Ventilation Silencers
  • Industrial Mufflers
  • Vent Silencers
  • Noise Panels and Noise Enclosures
  • Flexible Connections (expansion joints)
  • Other Products and Accessories (Filter Boxes, Plenums, Structural Bases, Etc.)

We are pleased to welcome dB Noise Reduction to the Air Solutions team and look forward to serving you with their products and services!