Air Solutions Announces Association with Flex-Kleen, Filtration Technologies

Flex-Kleen Filtration Technologies

Air Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce our association with Flex-Kleen. Flex-Kleen is well known for its filtration technologies capabilities to meet any need in regards to airflow, temperature, and pressure. Since 1959, and with over 200,000 installs worldwide, they have been a part of the environmental solutions for companies in a number of industries including food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, minerals, process & industrial, metals and more.

With Flex-Kleen, Air Solutions now has the ability to provide more options and top of the line solutions. Flex-Kleen dust collectors are built to last and many units are operating successfully more than 40 years after installation. Their dust collector models include:
Flex-Kleen Dust Collector

  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors
  • Welded Modular Dust Collectors
  • Cylindrical Tank Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors
  • Trap 10tm Dust Collectors

Not only will Air Solutions be offering an array of equipment but the parts too. Now all Flex-Kleen users in the area can come to Air Solutions for their spare and replacement filter needs. This will include filters, cages, miscellaneous hardware, pleated and cartridge filters, timers, gauges, diaphragm and solenoid valves.

Learn more about Flex-Kleen products and Air Solutions capabilities by reviewing our website or contacting us today.