Weld and Fume Smoke Collectors Provide High Efficiency and Clean Air

Person WeldingAn essential safety component in a wide variety of operations, fume smoke collectors are integrated into  processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining, and more. Effective collection systems manage both wet and dry smoke, and fumes from industrial emissions. Weld and fume smoke collectors are essential for the proper maintenance of facility and equipment, but more importantly to preserve the health and safety of those working in the facility where the processes occur.

International health organizations are dedicated to the prevention of health risks associated with fumes and smoke generated during metalworking and similar processes. Exposure regulations and standards such as OSHA are diligently enforced to minimize worker exposure to hazardous particulates that can be present in weld and fume smoke.

While ventilation is one method of mitigating smoke and fume exposure, the heat involved in these processes means that the particulate can remain suspended in the ambient air space around the work area. Weld and fume smoke collectors provide efficiency capture at the source, protecting employees, equipment, and workstations from contamination.

media-mist-collectorsAir Solutions offers weld and fume smoke collectors from United Air Specialists, APC Tech, and Cincinnati Fan. We work closely with our customers to identify, understand, and address specific application needs. Evaluating factors such as available power, process location, ambient temperature, and the type of weld and fume smoke involved, we are able to customize a solution to meet precise needs.

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