PEACH® – The Most Complete Filtration Coalescing System Available

Image of Smog HogThe most trusted and respected name in industrial mist and smoke collection, the SmogHog® is the leader in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. PEACH technology lies at the heart of the SmogHog SHM Media Mist collector. This advanced design delivers high efficiency, longer filter life, and low-pressure drop over time. What does this mean for your process? Over 99% contaminant removal efficiency, as well as reduced operational costs and lower energy use.

Since it was first introduced to the market in 1995, PEACH has continued to improve, using the latest advances in materials and technologies, such as plasma coating and nanotechnology. With PEACH technology, SmogHog advantages include:

  • Reclamation of valuable resources such as cutting oils, lubricants, coolants, and plasticizers.
  • Meeting OSHA air quality standards by capturing hazardous pollutants and exhausting clean air.
  • Quieter operation with low horsepower per CFM.
  • Reduced make-up air requirements up to 80%.

See how PEACH coalescing filtration technology works in this informative video:

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