Sound Solutions for Industrial Noise Control

In today’s industrial manufacturing environments, increased attention has been given to issues concerning industrial noise control and the effects of noise on workers in industrial areas. According to OSHA, “every year, approximately 30 million people in the United States are occupationally exposed to hazardous noise.”

Sound Solutions for Industrial Noise Control

Ongoing exposure to high levels of noise can leading to a variety of auditory problems, including permanent hearing loss. Even short term exposure to loud noise can temporarily impair hearing or create a sensation of ringing in the ears. While short-term problems may go away once an individual leaves the noisy area, repeat exposures to loud noise can lead to severe and lasting damage to hearing.

A noisy work environment can also contribute to stress and reduced productivity, impairing communication and concentration. Workplace accidents and injuries may also result if it is difficult to hear warning signals. All of these factors have led to a call for industrial noise control.

OSHA regulates the level of noise allowable in industrial environments. To address the need for compliance, a variety of noise abatement solutions have been developed for noisy processes and equipment. Industrial noise control equipment solutions include silencers for fans and ventilation, industrial mufflers, as well as noise enclosures and panels.

Industrial noise control begins with an assessment of a facility and its processes. Equipment replacement and modifications are done to reduce noise levels and meet OSHA requirements. Air Solutions has knowledgeable experience and a thorough understanding of noise abatement and required noise control standards and regulations. We will develop an industrial noise control solution that meets the needs of your facility and budget, and ensures OSHA compliance. Contact us to discuss your needs.