Mist Collectors Clean Air at the Source

Mist Collector

Providing clean air in metalworking processes, mist collectors are used in conjunction with machine tools to curtail the adverse effects of metalworking fluid exposure. Mist collection systems help companies comply with indoor air quality requirements and reduce maintenance costs.

Liquid droplets 20 microns, or smaller, in diameter, are considered mist. Mists typically include oil-based and water-soluble lubricants and coolants used in many applications including metal cutting, metal forming, grinding, parts washing, and more.

Industrial mist often goes unmanaged if it is unseen. Unfortunately, submicron mist in the manufacturing environment can be extremely damaging in terms of worker exposure, equipment maintenance, and compliance with indoor air quality or emissions standards.

Air Solutions offers a variety of mist collectors to suit a diverse range of process needs. We partner with United Air Specialists to offer the complete line of Smog Hog® electrostatic precipitators. Smog-Hog® has been the name trusted throughout the industry for providing dependable, cost-effective mist collectors to meet the needs of processes requiring air filtration of wet particulate, oil, coolants, and associated mists.

Working with APC Tech, we offer ultra-high-efficiency filter systems that provide up to 99% efficiency in the removal of fine condensed and solid particulate emissions. These systems offer a reliable solution for the management of oil mists, oily/sticky dust, submicron particulate, smoke, haze, and odors.

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