Absolent Units Provide Cleaner Facility for Medical Manufacturer


Medical Manufacturer Absolent

A leading orthopedic medical implant manufacturer in the southeastern United States needed a better system for the capture of oil mist and smoke. The company had used a variety of electrostatic filters for collection that were ineffective and actually contributed to an extremely unpleasant work environment.


This medical manufacturer needed an effective filtration system for their Swiss-style machining processes. Issues with the manufacturer’s electrostatic filters for oil mist and smoke collection included ongoing maintenance costs, stained ceiling tiles, and slippery floors. Intensive maintenance to the HVAC system was necessary for maintaining critical temperature and conditions for machining tolerance.


Machines used by this manufacturer ranged in brands from Citizen to Star Swiss-style turning machines. Based on the information revealed by a detailed survey of the machines Absolent conducted, a strategy was determined.

The system they developed would use four A•smoke40 Oil Smoke Filter standard units to ventilate close to 10-12 CNC machines per unit. The system was ducted and included fire dampers and an internal fire suppression system. This solution would prove to be effective and have a lower cost per machine tool.


The company is extremely satisfied with the Absolent installation. They are now able to allow medical customers, including doctors and other professionals, to visit their facilities. This was previously not possible due to problems with odor, smoke, and hazardous conditions in the facility.

  • Reduced Maintenance and Housekeeping
    The interior walls were repainted and cleaned, and the ceiling tiles were replaced. Ongoing maintenance was reduced to the HVAC system following the Absolent installation.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
    Following the installation of the Absolent units, indoor air ambient levels improved to 0.060 mg/m3.
  • Reclamation of Oil Savings
    The company has decreased monthly purchases of oil from from four 55 gallon orders to two 55-gallons orders – which equates to $26,000.00 annual savings.
  • Exceptional Filter Life
    The Absolent systems have been running for four years without a single filter change.
  • Improved Climate Conditions
    The manufacturer was able to improve the facility’s indoor climate control conditions, providing more accurate control of indoor temperatures, more comfort to employees, enhanced machining, and less stress to HVAC equipment.

The customer was so satisfied that they purchased additional A•smoke40 Oil Smoke Filter units for another line of equipment and an R&D lab.

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