Get Your Facility Ready for Summer Heat with a Roof Exhauster and Ventilator

Clean air is essential in any facility for the health and safety of its occupants. As summer approaches, comfort will depend not only on the removal of contaminants from ambient air, but also removing excess heat from the building. Air Solutions is proud to partner with Americraft to offer efficient and effective roof exhauster and ventilator solutions.

Roof Exhausters

Americraft roof exhausters are engineered to efficiently remove air, smoke, and fumes out of a building. Features include:

American Roof Exhauster - Model BRV

  • Gravity activated butterfly damper section constructed of mill galvanized metal
  • Durable, but lightweight damper lids open when the fan is on and close when fan is off
  • Storm band prevents outside wind from opening the lids while the fan is off; magnetic lid latches also available
  • Weather tight damper section prevents precipitation from leaking into the building

Note: Butterfly damper section is designed for exhaust only – can’t be used to bring in fresh air

Americraft exhausters are available in a variety of models:

  • Models BRV and BRVCS exhausters – belt drive units typically used in situations where the motor and drive components must be located outside the air stream
  • Model BRV8 exhauster – belt driven but the motor and drive components are in the air stream, used when efficient, quiet airflow is required.
  • Model AM exhauster – direct drive used in applications when less maintenance is a priority.

Roof Ventilators

Available in belt or direct drive, the Americraft Model 1900 roof ventilator has the flexibility to be used for intake, exhaust, or a combination of both. There are three ways to configure this roof ventilator:

American Roof Ventilator - Model 1900b

  1. Ventilator can be configured to achieve 100% performance for intake or exhaust air flow. When positioned to exhaust air, the standard propeller will give 100% performance. When the propeller is set at 180°, 100% performance for intake air is achieved.
  2. Ventilator can be configured with the standard propeller used in forward and reverse positions. The propeller will provide 100% performance in its normal operating direction (intake or exhaust) and approximately 65% in the reverse direction.
  3. If you need a reversible propeller that will provide 100% flow in both directions, Americraft will design a custom propeller based on your CFM requirements. The propeller will be designed with an opposing set of even number blades.

Model 1900 can be equipped with an aluminum weather hood with a removable bird screen. The low profile hood is designed with a full 360° perimeter opening for more reliable air flow performance. Fully supported in place, it can be easily opened on a hinge for full access to the fan inside. Alternatively, an optional access door can be added for side entry.

Need assistance with getting your facility ready for summer? Contact us to discuss your project!