Try Before You Buy Dust and Fume Collection Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great to know the dust and fume collection equipment you are investing in will actually meet your needs? We get it. That is why Air Solutions offers you the benefit of testing out fume collection and downdraft tables through Diversitech’s Try Before You Buy program.

Any qualified customer who is interested in purchasing one of the equipment solutions shown below is eligible to try one of those products at their location for a two-week trial period.

  • Diversitech will manufacture the equipment to specifications and then consign the unit to our customer for a no-obligation, 2-week demonstration trial period.
  • The customer is responsible for the shipping cost from Diversitech to their location and the return cost freight prepaid should they decide to return the unit.
  • Diversitech will cover for the cost of production and the filters if a purchase is made. The customer will cover the cost of any damage, missing parts and replacement filters if the unit is returned.

Air Solutions has extensive experience in dust and fume collection, and will assist you in selecting the best equipment solution to meet your specific application needs. With the Diversitech Try Before You Buy program, you can have an extra level of confidence that the solution you invest in will efficiently and effectively meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table
The Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table

This product series delivers the safe capture of hazardous/combustible dusts with the smallest equipment footprint in the industry. The Monsoon self-contained wet downdraft table features a patent-pending design that achieves a very high face-velocity at a very affordable price. A wide range of application kits and custom fittings can help you meet your NFPA and OSHA requirements.

DD 2x4 Portable Downdraft Table
The DD 2X4 Portable Downdraft Table

The DD 2X4 is a portable, reliable, and easy-to-use downdraft table for industrial duty applications. Now any fumes, smoke, or dust from shop activities can be captured right as they are produced, before compromising indoor air quality.

Fred SR Portable Smoke, Dust & Fume Extractor

This professionalFred Sr. Portable Smoke, Dust & Fume Extractor grade fume extractor is the industry standard for eliminating smoke, dust and other unbreathables from the air. The powerful blower features a high face-velocity, removing particulate as small as 0.5 micron with our standard MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filter.

The patented Injection Self-Cleaning System (ICS-360) reduces total cost of ownership by extending filter life expectancy, improving aggregate filter efficiency, and making routine service faster and easier.

Fred JR Portable Fume Extractor
Fred Jr. Portable Fume Extractor
Keeping worker breathing zone safe requires a capture-at-source extractor workers can actually use. Designed to be moved and positioned effortlessly, the FRED Jr. excels at removing weld fumes, dusts, and other airborne contaminants as small as 0.5 micron with our MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filter.

The capture arm’s external articulation is key to easy positioning, as smoke and dust passes through the machine without contacting the swivel and pivot points of the arm. The high suction and capture velocity developed by the FRED Jr. allows operators to capture and filter dust and fumes further away from the hood than competitive models.

Fred ECO Wall Mounted Smoke, Dust & Fume Extractor
Fred ECO Wall Mounted Smoke, Dust & Fume Extractor
The FRED-ECO offers a simple, affordable, and easy-to-install fume extraction and filtration kit for everyday applications. The 10’ flexible capture arm on the Fred ECO is externally articulated, making operator repositioning and maintenance easy. The kit includes a 120V rotary motor starter that can be conveniently mounted close to the operator’s working area. Once properly positioned, smoke, dust, and other airborne contaminants are safely captured before reaching the operator’s respiratory zone. For applications where the extraction arm needs to be mounted further away from the blower, the remote mounting kit is a popular option.

Fred Mini-Vac II
Fred Mini-Vac II
The FRED Mini-Vac II is the industry’s most powerful, reliable, and convenient to use portable fume extractor with high/low modes for maximum performance. The dual motor design allows the welder to switch on just one motor for typical light duty work, and switch on a second motor for more demanding applications.

The ability to switch between high and low modes empowers the operator choose between a higher capture range and less time spent re-positioning with two motors running. Option to have quieter running, lower capture range with one motor running.