The Apollo by Moffitt Provides Natural Light and Ventilation

The Apollo is a dual-purpose ventilation solution that provides ongoing ventilation with the added benefit of natural daylighting. A wide range of facilities can benefit greatly from this highly efficient, low-cost natural ventilation, particularly those with heat generating processes.

Apollo ventilation

The Apollo system exhausts warm air and provides facility cooling when the flaps are open. When the flaps are closed, the system provides weather protected daylighting. This natural ventilator is the best option for highly efficient, low-cost natural ventilation.

Designed for heavy commercial and light industrial applications, the Apollo unit features a lightweight aluminum construction with poly-carbonate hatches.The openings are equipped with tested life-safety guards to prevent fall-ins.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Lightweight – good for hoisting and installation
  • Low profile – lessens impact of the wind on the roof
  • Assembly on ground or in-place
  • Compact shipping
  • BIM model


  • Paint to color match in various material coatings
  • Optional materials of construction available
  • Bird screen

Apollo ventilation has been installed at manufacturing plants, agricultural facilities, and more with great success. To see this system in action, watch the case study below.

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The Apollo name is trademark of Colt International Licensing Limited, UK.