Industrial Powder Coat Fan Finishes Extend Performance

Air Solutions offers a wide selection of fans that are engineered to deliver quality and lasting performance, even in the harshest environments. Industrial powder coat fan finishes significantly extend fan performance. We are proud to partner with Americraft Manufacturing to include in our line the great selection of Americraft industrial powder coat fan finishes.

industrial fan power coat finishes
Americraft offers several powder coating finishes that can be applied to industrial fans and ventilation products. The type of powder coat fan finish used depends largely upon the environment in which the fan will operate. Prior to the application of these powder coat fan finishes, the fan housings are washed with an iron phosphate detergent that improves adhesion and corrosion properties of the paint coating.

Americraft Gray
The Americraft standard, Americraft Gray Super Durable Polyester TGIC powder coating offers superior outdoor weathering compared to standard polyesters. The powder coating that is used on most Americraft products, it enhances the durability and performance on interior and exterior metal surfaces.

Key applications:

  • Decorative applications where product will be exposed to sunlight (UV stabilizer)
  • Agriculture and construction equipment
  • Architectural metal products, fabrications, and extrusions
  • Recreation equipment, lawn / garden equipment, and related products
  • Automotive trim and truck bodies

Epoxy (Interpon 100)
Interpon 100 is an epoxy based powder coating that provides superior corrosion protection and chemical resistance. The epoxy is applied as a base coat and top coated with the Americraft Gray Super Durable Polyester TGIC. The epoxy base/top coat combination is ideal for applications in which caustic substances are present in the environment.

Zinc Rich Primer
This coating is an epoxy that delivers superior mechanical properties and chemical resistance. For additional protection from corrosion, we apply the zinc rich primer as a base coat to the Americraft Gray Super Durable Polyester TGIC powder coating. The primer/top coat combination is used primarily on roof exhausters and any fan that will be exposed to outdoor elements.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish
This exterior coating provides excellent performance and total protection across the entire surface of the fan housing. The galvanizing, zinc and iron interact to form intermetallic layers, which are harder than steel. The hot dipped galvanized finish can be painted or powder coated which adds another layer of protection. This finish will provide decades of excellent protection in harsh, exterior environments.

Key characteristics:

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Cathodic protection prevents rust corrosion from surface scratches
  • Highly desirable in salty air environments
  • Easy to clean by wash down

It should be noted that the hot dipped galvanized finish will appear chalky over time, however its performance is not affected by this change.

Air Solutions is here to assist you with selecting the best powder coat finish to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific fan application!