Comparing Commercial Fans and Industrial-Grade Fans

A variety of factors should be considered when deciding between the purchase of a commercial fan or an industrial-grade fan. Before comparing the two options, it is important to have the specifics of your application in mind, a few of which may include:

  • The environment in which the fan will be used
  • CFM and static pressure requirements
  • Electrical needs
  • Noise level concerns
  • Equipment budget

Understanding and considering these and any other relevant application details will equip you to make the decision between a commercial fan and industrial-grade fan. At this point, it will be beneficial to compare the construction of these two types of fans:
commercial fans
Commercial Fan Characteristics:

  • Engineered for general exhaust and lighter duty applications
  • Lighter gauge construction
  • Bolt-together construction
  • Less expensive, economical design
  • Typical lifecycle is 2- 4 years
  • Often use less durable resilient-mount base motors

Industrial-Grade Fan Characteristics:

industrial grade fan

  • Engineered for continuous use and heavy duty applications
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Welded construction
  • More expensive and designed for durability
  • Typical lifecycle is 10+ years
  • Often use more durable rigid-mount base motors

Evaluating the differences between the commercial fan construction and the industrial-grade fan construction in light of your application needs will help you to determine whether or not you can justify an industrial-grade fan purchase.

After considering how the fan characteristics line up with your application needs, think about other factors that may be influencing your purchase decision. These might include quality, lead time, or responsiveness in an emergency with a quick fix.

Ultimately, the primary difference between the two grades is durability. Industrial-grade fans are built to last with little or no maintenance necessary. While the upfront investment is more, over the long run you could end up spending the money you save on the replacement cost of a commercial duty fan.

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