Air Solutions Expands Explosion Protection Line With Boss Products

Boss Explosion proof product mockup

Air Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Boss Products to our line of explosion protection solutions. Founded in 2012, Boss Products focuses on providing a comprehensive product line of integrated, energy saving fire and explosion protection components for the industrial filtration and process industries.

Many industrial processes have combustible dust and thus the potential for a dust explosion. These are processes involving filtration, heating, milling, or spraying of combustible material. When explosive material accumulates in a confined and unprotected area, a deflagration can trigger leading to an immediate overpressure and flame ball. Air Solutions is committed to providing you with the most advanced explosion protection systems to deal with this threat.

NFPA regulatory guidelines regulating fire and explosion protection installations have become more specific and clearly defined than ever before. Boss Products offers the largest grouping of NFPA compliant, FM & UL approved systems, along with explosion tested components that maintain the latest certifications.

The innovative Boss product line includes the EcoMAXX® and EcoMAXX®/VigilEX® family of safe and smart solutions to work as individual components or as part of an integrated system solution to meet safety needs.

Air Solutions brings you the most trusted names for dependable air movement equipment, along with our application experience, which includes installations in a variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our explosion protection systems for venting, suppression, isolation, and testing.