SmogHog® Installed in 1975 Still On The Job!

SmogHog Installed in 1975 is still on the job

The Air Solutions team was amazed to discover that a SmogHog® installed 45 years ago only required a few component updates to continue running clean.

When our team was contacted by a SmogHog owner who was experiencing trouble with their unit, we expected it to be an easy fix. The customer reported that the CFM had dropped from 2,000 CFM to only 50 CFM, and the unit was anticipated to require only a few minor components to be replaced. What we did not expect is that the owner would provide the original SmogHog quote and the owner’s manual from 1974/1975!

Working with the customer’s maintenance crew, we confirmed the part numbers and measurements. Afterall, 45 years is a long time and we wanted to get it right the first time! Parker Hannifin provided immediate support matching back part numbers to ensure the correct components were available.

Our team quoted the components, and once they were installed, the units went back to operating at 2,000 CFM – the original design airflow from 45 years ago.

The customer thanked us for our quick assistance and then ordered replacement filters for the next change out.

Air Solutions has represented the UAS products and SmogHog line since 2007. The SmogHog line of mist collectors is a high-quality, reliable brand that customers trust. Our team works hard to provide knowledgeable and helpful design assistance as well as timely customer service in every job we do. Working with our trusted manufacturers, we continually focus our efforts on providing the right solution for our customers.

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