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Daniels Fans is a leading manufacturer of high temperature fans, widely used by furnace manufacturers around the world. The product line includes a comprehensive range of high temperature fans operating to 2200°F. Since 1977, Daniels Fans has been an industry leader, offering four aerodynamic designs for furnace air recirculation, thermal oxidizing, annealing, waste recovery, and other thermal process applications.

Daniels Fans adheres to strict quality control procedures in all manufacturing operations, allowing the company to maintain a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Using precision CAD systems and computerized fan selection programs, the company is able to deliver fans perfectly suited to customer applications.

Daniels Fans high temperature fan designs include belt or direct drives, housed fans or plug fans, insulated double wall housings or non insulated housings, reversible axial flow fans, gas tight construction, and custom designs to work with your thermal treatment equipment.

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