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Absolent develops products that clean contaminated air at the source. Industry processes served by Absolent technology include metalworking, die casting, cold forming and welding machines that generate oil mist, oil smoke and dust. Offering over 25 years of industry experience, Absolent offers the highest quality and innovation in their line of dependable clean air customized solutions.

Absolent offers a variety of solutions, including large and small filters, machine mounted and central filters, for indoor and outdoor use. Whatever model or size you choose, you always get clean air around your machine and your operators, with the benefit of lower operating costs.
Air Solutions is proud to work with Absolent to develop air filtration applications for customers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and portions of Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri. For decades, Absolent has been the clean air solution source for applications that involve metalworking, die casting, cold forming, welding, and other processes that generate oil mist, oil smoke and dust.

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