Aerovent is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers. Since 1932, they have been supplying fans to large and mediums size companies throughout the world. Aerovent can supply a wide variety of axial fans, centrifugal blowers, corrosion-resistant fiberglass fans, and custom air make-up units.

Aerovent has recently upgraded their website which now features a FANPEDIA page. This is a tremendous resource, full of images and detailed information on industrial fans, components, special construction, accessories and technical descriptions. Take a moment to check it out!

Air Solutions is proud to be the authorized rep for Aerovent throughout Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Through our partnership, we are able to supply a wider array industrial fan and blower solutions for a variety of air system demands. Aerovent’s “can do” attitude, combined with years of active research and engineering experience, has made the company a go-to manufacturer for the most demanding air movement applications.

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