Flextech Industries



Excellent performance and reliability serving applications in a wide range of industries including power generation, cement, pulp and paper, steel, transportation, marine, chemical/petrochemical and more.

  • Butterfly Dampers
    Available for a broad range of applications in round ducting where low leakage, flow control, or both are required.
  • Louver Dampers
    Offering reliable modulation and isolation, all designs offer quick response and fast operating cycles, and provide accurate and repeatable flow control for all applications.
  • Guillotine Dampers
    Suited for applications where isolation is critical and conditions can be severe; frame construction withstands all drive thrusts, wind, and handling loads without additional supports.
  • Inlet Vane Dampers
    Modulate the flow/pressure of a blower from the inlet side; suitable for applications requiring both fan shutoff and volume control; reduce fan pressure without degrading the speed.
  • T & Flap (GTE) Diverter Dampers
    Most often used when an application requires diversion of gas to flow another direction; patented and trademarked Bellowseal® blade seal design
  • Expansion Joints
    Flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief and seal in media for ducting systems throughout a wide range of applications.