Natural Ventilation in Summer Months

Saving Money and Preventing a Hot Environment.

When ventilation comes to mind most people think of complex HVAC systems that use high energy fans to move the air through ducts and vents. These systems are very successful in their end goal but don’t save their users any money. Then 10 years later,  it’s time for repairs and the costs start “hitting the fan” while going out of control. Every system is unique and sometimes a proper HVAC system is a must but Air Solutions is proud to support another solution.

Natural Ventilation Systems by Moffitt Corporation.

When the summer months hit and the temperature increases so do the bills when cooling any facility. At the same time CO2 emissions are on the rise due to increased energy use. Air Solutions and Moffitt understand this situation very well and we often work together to develop an ingenious solution for our clients. Last year alone Moffitt Natural Ventilation systems thwarted 123,634 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have been produced as a by-product of powering exhaust fans.

As an example, back in 2006 Air Solutions teamed up with Moffitt to help a new Severstal steel mill facility modernize its approach.  Watch the video Moffitt developed to demonstrate the system we helped to develop.

Featured Ventilation Products:

  • Moffitt Labyrinth Natural Ventilators
  • Moffitt Wall Louvers, Model LV7590 Over 4,450 ft2 of louver free area

The system was an amazing success and led to the following results:

  • A decrease in temperature of up to 10 degrees
  • An increase in overall savings in maintenance and operation costs
  • Streamlined installation process utilizing turn-key service featuring ventilation design, equipment manufacturing and installation all from Moffitt
  • State of the art ventilation system utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software


To learn more about the system Air Solutions helped to develop and the cost saving capabilities of natural ventilation on your systems contact us today.