Pressure Blowers – The Choice for High Pressure with Low Air Volume

HPBA Pressure Blower
Pressure blowers are a type of centrifugal fan. A pressure blower is designed so that the air is drawn through the air inlet, forced through the fan housing, and is discharged at 90 degrees from the inlet. In most cases, pressure blowers have a straight blade radial wheel, but models are available with other wheel configurations to suit application needs.

Pressure blowers are ideal for processes requiring a small to medium amount of CFM at higher static pressures than an axial fan is capable of generating.

How to Select the Right Pressure Blower

In order to select the right pressure blower for your application, you will need to know the required CFM and system static pressure, as well as the operating environment. The operating environment applies to the inside and outside the blower, including temperature, elevation, and ambient noise level.

Pressure Blower Construction Options

  • High Temperature Construction
  • Nominally Leak-Tight Construction
  • Spark Resistant Construction (Type A, B, C)
  • Split Housings
  • Marine Duty
  • ATEX
  • Fiberglass/Composite
  • Gas Turbines or Electric Motors
  • Acoustical Wraps
  • Special Materials

Pressure Blowers Applications

Pressure blowers are ideal for applications requiring high pressures at relatively low volumes of air. Examples include:

  • Dust Collection
  • Weld Smoke Removal
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal
  • Non-Abrasive Material Conveying
  • Supply for Air Knives
  • Combustion Air for Gas Burners

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