Sound Solutions for Industrial Noise Control

There are many reasons why noise abatement is essential in an industrial work environment, ranging from employees ability to hear what is going on in their work area to the prevention of long-term hearing damage in employees who are subjected to working amidst noisy processes and equipment. Through OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) the federal government has established regulations concerning the allowable noise in industrial environments.

Typical Sound Levels

Image Courtesy of OSHA

As anyone who has attended a music concert can attest, even short-term exposure to loud noise can temporarily impair hearing or create a sensation of ringing in the ears. Short-term problems may subside once an individual leaves the noisy area, however being repeatedly subjected to episodes of loud noise can lead to severe and lasting damage to hearing. Continuous exposure to excessive levels of noise is often most detrimental and can result in a number of auditory problems, including permanent hearing loss.

Along with creating a personal hazard for affected individuals, an excessively loud work environment can also elevate stress levels and reduce productivity for the entire work team in that area. When both communication and concentration are impaired, workplace accidents and injuries may occur. All of these factors have led to a call for industrial noise control.

Addressing safety concerns and the need for noise control compliance, a variety of abatement solutions have been developed for noisy processes and equipment. Industrial noise control equipment solutions include silencers for fans and ventilation, industrial mufflers, as well as noise enclosures and panels. Industrial noise control starts with an assessment of a facility and its processes. Equipment replacement and modifications may be required to reduce noise levels and meet OSHA requirements.

The Air Solutions team is knowledgeable and experienced in noise abatement solutions and is up-to-date on the required noise control standards and regulations. We develop custom industrial noise control solutions to meet specific facility and budget needs, and to ensure OSHA compliance. Contact us to discuss your industrial air handling and noise control needs.