Air Knives Provide High Velocity Air for a Wide Range of Solutions

Paxton Air Knives deliver high velocity air and compressed air savings for rapid ROI in many applications

air knives cleaning, cooling and drying in an industrial applicationAir knives provide an effective and efficient means for cleaning, cooling, and drying in industrial applications. Centrifugal blowers used in conjunction with these applications offer energy savings over the use of plant compressed air. Air Solutions partners with Paxton Products to offer a variety of quality air knife and manifold systems and equipment.

Air Solutions offers custom configured air knife blow off systems to meet manufacturing process needs in a wide range of industries. Our air knife systems provide proven efficiencies with a design that produces the best laminar flow, moving more air over critical surfaces. air knives cleaning, cooling and drying in industrial applicationIn developing application-specific air knife systems, we work with you to understand your process pain points and to deliver an affordable, high quality solution that meets your needs.

Typical air knives applications include:

  • Removal of liquids
  • Control of liquid thickness
  • Drying of liquid coatings
  • air knives clean, cool and dry in industrial applications

  • Removal of excess coatings
  • Removal of foreign particles
  • Cooling of product surfaces

Our air knife equipment options include:

  • Air Knives
  • Nozzle Manifolds
  • Inline Manifolds
  • Spyder Manifolds
  • Paxton Centrifugal Blowers

If you are currently using compressed air in applications where you could use a centrifugal blower from Paxton Products, you may experience compressed air savings, considerable energy cost reduction, and rapid return on investment. Developing 300 CFM with a typical compressor can require 100 HP while 300 CFM using a Paxton blower may only take 3 HP. It doesn’t take long for the savings to add up!

Paxton air knives are engineered to provide high velocity air while also being energy efficient. The standard air knives have a continuous, uninterrupted air slot design that provides consistent air coverage, making them ideal for a number of applications across a variety of industries. All Paxton products come with a three-year warranty and many qualify for a Performance Guarantee if designed and certified by Paxton’s engineers.

The Air Solutions team has extensive experience in developing air knife applications and will assist you in implementing the system that best meets your needs and budget.