Does Your Industrial Fan Need Replacement?

industrial fan replacement by Air SolutionsFacilities depend on industrial fans to provide process air and keep HVAC systems functioning properly. A variety of issues can occur with these fans, including complications from debris and dust build up to rust and corrosion. All of these issues can impact the performance of your fans and ultimately the health and productivity of your facility.

As an experienced supplier of industrial fans and developer of fan applications, Air Solutions has in depth knowledge of fans and fan-related issues. The following are typical signs we see that can indicate fan problems. Much of the time there are many options you can consider before making the decision opt for fan replacement.

An unusual amount of fan noise can indicate fan misalignment or damage.

Excessive noise may be caused by an impeller hitting the inlet or housing. It can also happen when there is a loose shaft or bearing. A noisy fan may result from problems with the belt drive. Inadequate lubrication can cause squeaking noise from the fan.

If the fan is unusually quiet or if not moving at all, there could be a mechanical problem.

Mechanical or electrical problems tend to be simpler fixes and can include blown fuses, broken belts, loose pulleys, wrong voltage and/or excessive line drop or inadequate wire size, a seized bearing, or a load inertia that is excessive for the motor.

Inadequate airflow to the fan can cause fans to not perform properly.

An incorrect blade angle setting, a backwards installed impeller, a missing cut-off or misalignment with inlet collars can all result in inadequate airflow. Additional issues can include dirty or clogged inlet, improper running clearance, slow fan speed, poor inlet cone-to-wheel fit, or an incorrectly set inlet vane or damper.

If excessive fan vibration occurs, check the balance.

An unusual amount of fan vibration can be caused by improper fan impeller balance, or motor and sheaves being improperly balanced. Other things to check include making sure key lengths are correct, fan shaft seals are rubbing, and the motor has the right bearings.

The bottom line is that fan issues are too important to ignore. The problem may be fixable and might not require replacement. By addressing problems now, you could avoid serious issues with the fan that will affect production.

Air Solutions is here to help with your industrial fan issues. Our fan specialists are available to discuss your needs, assess your situation, and supply the right replacement fan if required. Contact us to discuss your needs!