Case Study: Natural Ventilation Creates a More Sustainable Environment for Wood Plant

Norbord Inc. Case Study


Norbord Inc., an international producer of wood-based panels based in Toronto, Canada, needed a ventilation solution for their plant located in Guntown, MS. Air Solutions worked with Moffitt Corporation to design an effective natural ventilation solution that met the needs of the Norbord OSB plant. 


At the Norbord OSB plant in Guntown, MS, the wood making process used inherently creates a hot and humid work environment. The ventilation system that was in place was not adequately removing the damp, contaminated air, causing it to accumulate at the ceiling and create excessively high temperatures in the facility. This was extremely problematic not only because it created uncomfortable conditions for workers, but also because the heat and humidity were compromising the insulation and structural steel of the building.


After an inspection and evaluation of the facility and operations, it was determined that natural ventilation would provide the most effective solution.  A system of Moffitt Labyrinth ventilators would facilitate the evacuation of hot air through the roof and subsequently keep that air from collecting at the ceiling.


Labyrinth natural ventilators were installed over specific areas to manage the hot, humid air produced at key points in the facility. Providing a way for the hot air to escape, the new ventilator system lowered the temperature throughout the building by about 40° and resolved the humidity problems. This created a more comfortable work environment for employees and cultivated a more hospitable climate for the facility’s structure and equipment.