Cooling Fans for Poultry Ventilation

Air Solutions, Inc. was asked by a large poultry producer to help with the cooling fan in their live haul division. The company had been using centrifugal fans and operating them in excess of maximum safe speed which caused surging, rapid bearing failure, and constant operational issues. Air Solutions proposed a different type of fan which was better suited for the poultry ventilation requirements. The company agreed to purchase a single fan for evaluation. The resulting evaluation proved that the new fans produced more air flow and velocity than the old style fans. The new fans also provided more uniform flow over a larger area than the fans used previously.

Two Fans Used For Cooling

These cooling fans are typically transported to the farms and used as the poultry is harvested. The fans are self-contained, motorized with a gasoline powered engine including electric start and are mounted to a heavy duty steel skid for easy transport. The airflow and velocity provided by the fans has reduced stress upon and fatalities among the poultry harvested from the farms.

Cooling Fan System for Poultry Cooling

The manual poultry catching process creates stress on the poultry and elevates their core temperature. The confinement, elevated core temperature, humidity, and the ambient air temperature all contribute to loss of poultry. The live haul, live catch cooling fans provide effective cooling ventilation for the poultry and reduce losses during the harvesting process.

Effective Cooling is provided due to the evaporative cooling process. The high velocity air will create a cooling effect causing the temperature to feel 5 to 7 degrees cooler than the actual ambient air temperature. This is especially effective when moisture is present on the body and that moisture is evaporated by the high velocity air flowing over the body. The air velocity requirement for effective cooling for poultry is much higher. The new fans provide that high velocity air for the effective cooling of the poultry.

These fans provide a high air velocity and high air volume. The fans are hot dipped galvanized and include inlet and outlet guards. The frame has an industrial primer with an industrial paint top coat. The fans are offered with Honda V-twin, gasoline engines with electric start and the motor assembly is mounted in the air stream for cool operation. Extended lube lines, heavy duty shafts, and cast aluminum airfoil propellers are also included.

Contact Air Solutions today to get a quote on these fans for poultry ventilation or other cooling system requirements. If your particular application requires an alternate approach, Air Solutions will look forward to working with you to meet your specific needs.