Air Solutions reviews Paxton Products


Since the early 2000’s Air Solutions, with Paxton Products, has been bringing air knives and blow-off systems to our customers in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Over the years we’ve grown proud of integrating Paxton Products into custom systems we’ve developed and seeing the instant results. We were first drawn to their broad product line and their well-known name, but we’ve come to truly love their amazing level of product efficiency and performance. We wanted to share with the world our review of Paxton.

What made us choose Paxton as our partner?

We were attracted to them for a few simple reasons and then we came love a few more. First, we loved their complete system offers and the fact they have a team of engineers to help us address many different applications. This made the partnership an instant success while letting us learn their system capabilities quickly. Over time we came to love one key feature of Paxton. Their “Performance Guarantee”there is nothing quite like it.

Performance-GuaranteeThey “offer a 100% Performance Guarantee for any Paxton Air Delivery System designed, assembled, balanced and approved by Paxton. Paxton will either remedy the performance or fully refund the price of the entire system.”

This made us happy to know when we integrated their products into a system, it’s always going to be the best system we can offer our customers.

What do we like about working with Paxton?

Their friendliness and support have to be the best quality about them. Their staff is always ready for engineering and design assistance. We also love using their website and videos which showcase their capabilities.

What can our customers do with these systems?

air knivesVersatility is a prized attribute of any product in our industry and Paxton Product’s live up to the challenge. Typically their air knives and blow-off system have served the canning, bottling, food processing and product packaging industries. Most of their products work extremely well in high speed production like this and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements. We have even used their products for something a little out of the box with working with a steel mill in Mississippi. We were able to increase the efficiency of a particular type of metal drying. If something with air movement needs to be done efficiently and accurately we recommend using Paxton.

Overall Air Solutions would give Paxton Products a 5 Star Review


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