Compact Machine Mount Smog Hog® Model Joins the Air Solutions Line

Air Solutions is excited to announce the newest addition to our product line – the UAS® Smog Hog® MSH-11 Compact Machine Mount Mist Collector. Part of the most recognized product line in the industry, the model MSH lives up to its name as an effective solution for the removal of mist and smoke in metalworking applications. This will be available to all of our clients throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

smoghog The model MSH is a self-contained mist collection system that can be locally ducted or directly mounted onto a machining center. As mists, smoke, and fumes are generated by processes involving oil and water based coolants, they are drawn into the collector and filter through a highly efficient multi-stage filtration system. The clean air is re-circulated back into the air to create a cleaner and fresher work environment.
UAS Smog-Hog benefits include:

  • High Filtration Efficiency – Promotes clean air in your facility and keeps processes running at peak efficiency
  • Life Cycle Cost Savings – Low airflow resistance means energy savings, and washable filters save on consumable costs
  • Reduced Operational Expenses – Engineered with features to extend service intervals and reduce production downtime
  • Flexible Configurations – Can be configured to match application needs with horizontal or vertical airflow orientations, special accessories, and more
  • Simple Installation – Compact design allows the system to be easily installed in tight spaces or directly onto machining centers

Unlike centrifugal, bag, or box filters, which remove only large particulate, the Model MSH uses ESP technology that electrically charges both large and minute contaminants and removes them from the air stream. Even the most microscopic particulate is safely and efficiently removed.
To learn more about the Smog Hog Model MSH-11, contact us today.

View the official press release: UAS® Smog-Hog® MSH-11