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Since 1998, Air Solutions has been supplying Americraft industrial ventilation equipment to customers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Over that time, we’ve been impressed with their high-quality products and top-notch customer service. They are a company that was founded on humble values with two brother, Edward and Albert Blanz, back in 1946. Surprisingly starting out in a simple garage creating aluminum fishing boats, Americraft has gone on to transform itself into one of the best fan manufacturers in the USA. We are proud to be a part of their legacy and to support an excellent American manufacturer.

What made us choose Americraft as our partner?

As we were first learning about Americraft we were excited to get involved with a company with the level of experience they had. Even though they started out in a small garage, you can now find Americraft fans in every state of the US and in many countries around the world. Then we saw first-hand the longevity and heavy-duty capabilities of their fans, which made us feel confident in offering their products to our customers. After meeting with them and talking our partnership over, we developed a great relationship with their staff. The great customer service provided by Americraft makes them a go-to choice when choosing the right industrial ventilation equipment for our clients. Since 1998, we’ve been happy with our partnership.

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What can our customers do with Americraft products?

Americraft products excel in a variety of heavy-duty industrial situations. This is due to a number of their products coming with explosion proof motors, spark-resistant cast aluminum propellers and optional coatings for harsh environments. Certain models also provide portable cooling for personnel or processes. Air Solutions has supplied their man coolers frequently to steel mills in TN, MS, AR, & LA. Steel manufacturers love this product because of the amount of air they move and because they are great, heavy-duty, long-lasting industrial man cooler fans.

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Americraft’s ventilation products can also cover a vast ranges of airflows. Their man coolers range from 18”-60” diameter and can provide airflows from approximately 3,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM. Their wall fans range from 24”-72” diameter and can achieve airflows from approx. 800 CFM to 73,000 CFM. This allows them to be a versatile solution when high ventilation is a must.

Overall Air Solutions would give Americraft a 5 Star Review


There are other ventilation products out there, but Americraft builds quality fans that are heavy-duty and built to last. Built in the USA!

If you need industrial fans for your personnel or processes contact us today and get started with a free and easy consultation.