The Power of CFD Modeling

Discover how your facility ventilation can change before committing.

At Air Solutions, we love to use modern technology while working for clients. Not only are we fascinated by the sheer capabilities of today, technology can save us hours of labor while minimizing risks.  If you’ve worked with us in the past we may have use 3D modeling to design your system which would include elements that are unique to your workspace in the design. Now Air Solutions is proud to be working with Moffitt to bring computerized fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to our customers.

What is CFD modeling?

Computerized fluid dynamic modeling can sound like a mouthful, but this title encapsulates millions of calculations to analyze the complex interaction of gasses and fluids within a defined space. Essentially, this is a powerful computer system that can be applied to a wide range of situations where understanding air movement is a must. For instance CFD modeling has been used by NASA in the study of Aeronautics where maintaining air pressure is of utmost importance. When we apply this to our client’s industrial situations, it can be used to discover current ventilation flaws. Then it can be used to model the effects of a newly proposed system. This can save countess hours of speculation while accurately demonstrating alternative system capabilities. Check out this brief video to explaining it with visuals.

How it works

When starting the conversation about your current system needs and flaws, our air quality control specialist will want to see your facility. Once everything has been assessed, it will be time to pull in a CFD modeling specialist. Moffitt will send a representative from our Jacksonville office to analyze current ventilation situation.  Proper documentation will be recorded, photos taken and in depth discussions will occur.

The Moffitt representative and our specialist will then create SolidWorks 3D model of existing ventilator conditions.  Then we’ll import the model to Autodesk CFD Simulation software, assign heat loads, ambient design conditions, and model design parameters to create CFD scenario for existing conditions.  Soon after, we will generate and run CFD computer model simulation to understand everything that is at play.  This will then lead to a presentation and summary of the CFD results. We will then provide equipment and/or installation proposals for any ventilation recommendations based on the findings of the site visit and model. If the proposals are approved Air Solutions and Moffitt Corporation will help with the installation of the entire system.

Interested to see what your facility could look like in a CFD model? Contact us today to discuss this and we’ll be happy to show you the possibilities.