Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions

Air Solutions is proud to partner with Moffitt Corporation to develop highly effective natural ventilation solutions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling allows Moffitt ventilation specialists to predict air flow and heat transfers within an area by analyzing of heat movement. Using this information, they are able to design more effective and efficient ventilation systems. Moffitt specialists have employed their CFD modeling technology to develop efficient ventilation solutions for many extremely satisfied customers.

Two happy Moffitt customers recently shared their satisfaction in the following video testimonials.

In this video testimonial, Tom Verlihay, Operations Manager for Metal Forge, explains why he is glad he chose Moffitt ventilators for the cooling of his building.

According to Verlihay, Moffitt was able to design a complete natural ventilation system for the facility, and then provide the equipment and installation for a full turn-key solution.

In this testimonial, Jim Bell, Construction Manager for Steel Mills, briefly describes why he is committed to selecting Moffitt for any ventilation project he leads.

Air Solutions has developed many natural ventilation system solutions working with Moffitt Corporation. We welcome the opportunity to design your custom ventilation solution.