Easy Access Fan Design Promotes Efficiency

Fans are essential for your operations, from HVAC to process air needs. When fan maintenance is due or repairs are needed, you can’t afford more than a minimal amount of downtime. That is why Aerovent offers a variety of easy access fan designs that allow for efficient cleaning and service without requiring removal of the fan from your ductwork. 

Aerovent Model CB-SW Swingout Axial FanEasy Access Fan Configurations

Aerovent easy access fans include centrifugal and axial/inline centrifugal fans in swingout configurations, as well as axial, inline centrifugal, and mixed flow fans in clamshell configurations. 

Swingout fan designs are a great choice for fans that require frequent cleaning, without removal of ductwork. Swingout construction fans are for vertical mounting applications only. 

Clamshell fan designs have large hinged access doors that provide easy access to the fan components. Clamshell construction designs are for vertical mounting applications only. 

Easy Access Fan Benefits and Applications

Aerovent easy-access fans have a proven track record for meeting the demands of rigorous exhaust applications in a wide range of environments. Features like heavy duty hinges, positive locking latches, and full gasketing assure a complete seal when doors are closed. 

Design benefits include:

  • Reduced Down Time
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Quick Inspection
  • Less Labor
  • Accelerated Repairs

Common applications include:

  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Pulp & Paper Production
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Potash Production
  • Slurry Prep Facilities
  • Steel & Aluminum Foundries

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