Summer is Fast Approaching! Make Sure Your Facility is Ready!

As temperatures grow warmer, now is the time to think about ways to keep your facility’s air comfortable and safe for your employees to breathe. Air quality and comfort depends not only on the removal of contaminants from ambient air, but also pulling excess heat from the building. 

hot summer sun

The importance of air quality and health was a key motivation for the establishment of the Clean Air Act in the 1960’s. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this legislation led to many benefits including:

  • Avoided more than 2,300,000 premature deaths
  • Prevented 200,000 heart attacks (acute myocardial infarction)
  • Prevented millions of cases of respiratory problems such as acute bronchitis and asthma attacks, and 135,000 hospital admissions.
  • Prevented 17 million lost workdays, improving worker productivity which contributes to a stronger economy. 

Air Solutions is proud to partner with trusted industry manufacturers to provide air quality solutions and equipment for your ventilation projects. These dependable products are built-to-order and can carry lead times that are 8 weeks plus, so now is the time to act.  

Roof Exhausters

American Roof Exhauster - Model BRVRoof exhausters are engineered to efficiently remove air, smoke, and fumes out of a building. Features include:

  • Gravity activated butterfly damper section constructed of mill galvanized metal
  • Durable, but lightweight damper lids open when the fan is on and close when fan is off
  • Storm band prevents outside wind from opening the lids while the fan is off; magnetic lid latches also available
  • Weather tight damper section prevents precipitation from leaking into the building

Note: Butterfly damper section is designed for exhaust only – can’t be used to bring in fresh air

Roof Ventilators

American Roof Ventilator - Model 1900bAvailable in belt or direct drive, roof ventilators have the flexibility to be used for intake, exhaust, or a combination of both. There are three ways to configure this roof ventilator:

  • 100% performance can be achieved when configured for intake or for exhaust air flow. When positioned to exhaust air, the standard propeller will give 100% performance. When the propeller is set at 180°, 100% performance for intake air is achieved.
  • Ventilator can be configured with the standard propeller used in forward and reverse positions. The propeller will provide 100% performance in its normal operating direction (intake or exhaust) and approximately 65% in the reverse direction.
  • Air Solutions can help design a custom propeller based on your CFM requirements if you need a reversible propeller that will provide 100% flow in both directions. The propeller will be designed with an opposing set of even number blades.

Models can be equipped with an aluminum weather hood with a removable bird screen. The low profile hood is designed with a full 360° perimeter opening for more reliable air flow performance. Fully supported in place, it can be easily opened on a hinge for full access to the fan inside. Alternatively, an optional access door can be added for side entry.

Wall Fans

Wall-mounted fan summer ventilation

Air Solutions offers wall exhaust fans that are an economical fan choice for light duty general exhaust requirements. They are well suited for factory or warehouse ventilation.  Many of the wall fans we offer are designed to move large volumes of ambient air at low static pressures. They are excellent for general ventilation in factories and warehouses for continuous duty applications. 


Wall Mounted Fans are designed for cost effective, general ventilation. They are available in direct and belt driven models, with aluminum or steel impellers. Fixed or adjustable pitch models are offered to meet a variety of application requirements. They are available in ring or panel construction as well as standard or reverse flow.

AeroVent Panel and Ring Wall Mounted Fans

Intake Louvers

Air Solutions also offers intake louvers that are high performance extruded aluminum adjustable drainable louvers. The AMCA licensed louvers can be used for exhaust or intake air. They are also available as fixed louvers.  

Air Solutions is Your Source for Summer Ventilation Solutions

To enjoy the benefit of improved ventilation this summer, it is important to have a plan and be implementing it now.  Contact us to discuss your project!